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1. #1 Lawrence Walsh

There was only one place to start for the first of what will hopefully be a regular series of player profiles. Lol Walsh is a living Goresbrook legend who played in the club's first fixture and lasted 3 decades in the 1st XI, being a key part of the first ECCL title winning side of 2011 and Cup winning team of 2012.

After a brief flirtation with the golf course, the man described as 'evergreen' in the Dagenham Post since 1999 has been rejuvenated by the move to the Mid-Essex league and is still going strong in the 2's today, winning the bowler of the year award in 2016.

A right hand batsmen who favours the off-side, Lol spent most of his career as a top order batsman, hitting 31 tons and 180 fifties on his way to 26,297 runs so far in his 34 year career. These days he moves up and down the 2's batting order at the captain's whim, but when called upon at the top end, he can still be relied upon to sell his wicket dearly and get the ball through the tightest of gaps in the gully region.

His bowling is scarcely less impressive, he's at his best throwing his leg break up with a bevy of excellent catchers set back, that delivery accounting for most of his 1,288 wickets, but he can also bowl nagging off breaks (Richie is most jealous of his 8 overs for 1 at Harlow in the Sunday league) and he used to throw in a mean bouncer off a couple of paces should the batsman wind him up.

406 catches, many held at slip, round off a CV that tops the Goresbrook charts in most categories, although not in ducks, where his 52 are off the pace set by fellow founder member Martin Rooke and this era's specialist, Jo Wilkinson.

A big music fan, Lol used to petition the ECCL to schedule Asians v Goresbrook at Low Hall Farm on V Festival day, so he could spend his annual Saturday off safe in the knowledge that his teammates were taking a few on the body in his absence.


L Walsh1,1079531365215481726,2972,7881261803132.19136*


NameOversMaidensRunsWktsEconStr RateAveBest
L Walsh5,91167523,1941,2883.9327.5418.017-20


406 catches, 3 Stumpings

Name: Lawrence Walsh
Tekkers Right hand bat, right arm leg-break bowler
GCC Number: 9
Nicknames: Bertie, Chappy
Age: 52
Job: Banker
Hobbies: Golf, Music


Favourite Football Team: Arsenal
Favourite Music: Rock
Favourite Movie: Kelly's Heros
Favourite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Favourite Holiday Destination: Vegas baby
Favourite Meal: Toad In the hole
Favourite Drink: Becks
Who would play you in the film of your life: Michael Caine


When did you make your Goresbrook debut? 1982 v London Marshes, we only had 9 players as lost a car on route to the game in North London

Describe your Goresbrook career in 10 words or less. Enjoyable and a big part of my life

Who is your favourite GCC Teammate (current or retired) & why? Got to be Bolt. Always putting the club and other players first. A selectors dream!

Most memorable game(s)? Lots to choose from, but on tour I played for the opposition, Gothic, against Goresbrook as they were short and it was my turn to miss out for us. I ended up scoring a ton to win the match which was probably my best innings. I really wasn't bothered about getting out as wanted to watch the World Cup final on TV so just threw the bat at everything and it came off.

Which GCC player do you hate facing in the nets? These days anyone with pace, but Craig Ivey with his "Heinz Varieties" causes me a few problems

What’s the best thing about Goresbrook CC? The club brings people together and forms lasting friendships. When we started the club we all socialised together even during the winter and this is still the case today.


What other clubs/XI's have you played for? One club man, but have guested for a number of clubs, M&B, Roding Valley, various league 11s, Gothic (in Norfolk), St Thomas, Surrey Ovalites

All-time cricketing hero? Ian Botham

Favourite cricket ground & why? Our old home ground at Oldchurch Park. Batsman's paradise so scored a few over there. Nice bar above the changing rooms and then a short walk around the corner to the Rush Green Tavern to finish the night off.

Describe the best catch you have ever taken? Took a screamer off Izzy in the gully at Noak Hill once. Have dropped more then I've caught off Izz, so pretty pleased with that.

Best player played against? Joseph Pierre, fast bowler and decent bat for Sisserou (and then Leyton County, Cosmopolitan, Old Brentwoods & Essex over 50's..)


Best sporting achievement outside cricket? Playing football for the Church Elm FC

Where would you live if money was no object? New York

What would you rescue first if your house was on fire? Golf clubs

Give us a sporting tip for 2017? Rory to win the Masters

Tell us something about yourself that nobody at Goresbrook knows? I once found a dead body in work at the bank. Poor old boy had a heart attack in an annex room and I found him. I was only 18 at the time and ended up in the pub for the rest of the day.