Captain/Vice Captain Nominations for 2019

Captain/Vice Captain Nominations for 2019

By Richard Williams
7th November 2018
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Statements prior to voting

1st XI Captain:

Jordan Calverley

I have loved every minute of both the highs and lows of being 1st captain so far. I took on the role as a long term project and feel we have slowly progressed over the time in charge.

I have always, and will continue to do, my very best to help not just the team, but the club as a whole to progress and continue to move forward.

3 points i will be focusing on from last year are;
1. Preparation and availability for all team from nets and training to club socials.
2. I will continue to bring the colts through as i did last season.
3. I will be knuckling down on the discipline of the club as a whole, not just the 1st team, as i believe it is something that needs to be improved.

I love this club. One club.

Shane Barwick

I would like to be considered for the position of 1st team captain.

I believe it is the correct time for me to step up following years of experience being captain through all age groups, captaining the Essex Met team, achieving success at all levels and then going onto captain the t20 side and Sunday 1st team. This is the next challenge of my progression, and I believe I’m ready for it.

Whenever, I have previously been given the responsibility of captaincy it has always brought out the best in me as a person and a player. I’ve tried to implement this with my man management on Sundays helping develop players whilst keeping the team in good spirits. During my Sunday captaincy I’ve tried to help colts progress and I’d like to continue this eventually making them regular 1st team players.

I believe Admin and team management are also an important part of the role. Match fees, sporting marks, match equipment, and off field organisation are all things I have shown I am more than capable of keeping on top of. I believe in playing hard but fair cricket and as captain I would ensure we act with discipline whilst playing our best cricket.

Being first team captain is bigger to me than only on the field. It’s being a role model and doing my best to set an example supporting all others in the club from under 9s up to the first team. Since I was 6 years old and played my first game for Goresbrook I’ve dreamed of being 1st team captain. I want to make the team something people will aspire to be part of again and I’ll do this by simply showing how much I value everyone and making sure everyone always has a role to play when they’re in the team.

In conclusion I believe it is the right time for me and the club to take steps in the right direction after a few tough years.

2nd XI Captain

Craig Ivey

I have decided to put my name forward for the 2nd team captaincy for the upcoming season because I have been approached by many players, ex players and supporters saying they would like to see me captain the 2s again, and get the 2s back to how they used to be.

I have a proven track record with the 2s achieving promotion both years with a win percentage of 83% (if i Remember correctly from one of Dannys competitions), also wining the club some money by having what I believe was the 2nd or 3rd highest sportsmanship mark across the entire league.

If i am selected to captain the 2s I will do my best to bring the 2s back to how they used to be, a side players actually want to play in and prove themselves in and most of all enjoy playing cricket again in.

Daryl Forward

I would like to be second team captain because I have been very disappointed with how the last two seasons have gone in terms of results and organisation within the 2's.

I feel it is the right time for me to step up and lead the second team to be a success, as they should be with the quality they have.

Having previously captained colts sides I know what it is like to captain a team and I feel this will benefit me in the role as second team captain, I have also played with a number of the colts over the last two years and feel like I can help improve them into someday becoming a first team player.

I think it's pretty clear the second team have underachieved over the past few years. I see myself as quite a senior player within the second team and feel now is the right time to step up and lead the team going forward.

2nd XI Vice Captain

Both Craig and Daryl would like to stand for vice-captain if not elected, in addition Darren Ivory has put himself forward for vice captain.

Darren Ivory

As a club this year in certain areas we have struggled, I feel it needs more senior players, including myself, to stand up and help this club to continue the standards that have been set in previous years including bringing through colts to play in senior teams.

3rd XI Captain

Ricci Parnell

Having previously captained the fourth team, I think I have the capability to play alongside the more experienced players and also bring through the colts, making them feel part of the team and making sure that they play a role and are not just used to make up the numbers.

Whilst doing this I still want to to be competitive and strive to win.

Paul Atkins

I would like to be 3rd team captain to set a standard that I have learned over the years as a Goresbrook player, giving everyone a fair chance in a game, making sure everyone is happy and also making sure everyone keeps their heads up when its going wrong for them.

I would also ensure that admin was performed, making sure everyone knows where the game is, the time of the game and how to get there.

All subs and paperwork would be done before the game and I would make sure my team play in the right spirit of Goresbrook Cricket Club.

3rd XI Vice Captain

Both Ricci and Bev would like to stand for vice-captain if not elected, in addition Joe Barwick has put himself forward for vice captain.

Joe Barwick

I would like to stand as vice captain of the 3s as I felt I did a good job last year, and would like to continue on making the 3s the best place to bring colts through. Also I know all the ins and outs of the captaincy role so can step in if and when necessary.

Texts to players will be sent out shortly, first for captaincy positions.

Eligibility to vote is as follows:

  • 1st Eleven: Anyone who represented 1st XI in 2018 or played a minimum of 3 games for the 2nd XI
  • 2nd Eleven: Anyone who represented 2nd XI in 2018 or played a minimum of 3 games for the 1st or 3rd XI
  • 3rd Eleven: Anyone who represented 3rd and 4th XI in 2018 or played a minimum of 3 games for the 2nd XI

Texting to be handled by Terry King (1st XI), Joe Barwick (2nd XI) and Dean Barwick (3rd XI)

Once Captains finalised (hopefully by 14th November), above Committee Members to repeat exercise for Vice Captains with a deadline of Sunday 18th November

Sunday Captain/Vice-Captain

We have only had one nomination for the posts of Captain and Vice-Captain

Captain - Danny Gillham Jnr

I feel I would be a good captain for the Sunday’s 1’s as I have played cricket for a number of years and have also played under some great captains so therefore I have a good idea on what it takes to manage a game of cricket.

Other than that I have great people skills and feel well liked amongst players in teams I play in and who we play against (except James Clark of Springfield) so I am confident in keeping a positive attitude in Sunday cricket.

I have been dedicated to Sunday cricket and have played near enough every game. The only thing which held me back was when I was not selected or I was required to play colts cricket. Now i have finished colts I am confident that i can make myself available for every Sunday league game.

I have shown i handled the responsibility of being captain in colts by scoring many runs for the both the under 15’s and under 16’s. I am willing to learn the aspects of being a captain over the season by having many people who have captained teams before me helping me when needed. This will help me grow as a person and as a player in the future.

Vice Captain - Joe Barwick

I would like to stand as Sunday 1st team vice. I have not missed a game for 6 years in this side and know I will be available for every game as always.

Also I feel I can step into the role of captain if necessary. I feel we need to keep the base of last season and make it about bringing kids through at a competitive standard. I feel I will bring a good knowledge to Danny if he should become the captain as he will need my guidance with match fees, umpires, away teams, hairstyles and sorting drivers.

Both Danny and Joe will be elected unopposed.

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